Component Racks

Component Rack

Building from the successful “MOD” Series audio racks, the plyKraft Series share a similar open architectural design. The tolerances required for the new plyKraft Series were successfully achieved with a precision two head CNC (continuous numerical control) router. Nearly 80% of our components are now fabricated with the CNC. The new fabrication process allows us to create components with amazing precision with tolerances up to .001 of an inch.

Combining the new materials and new building process, we are pleased to bring forth our most ambitious project to date: The plyKraft 2L, 3L, & 4L.

The plyKraft 2L, 3L, & 4L are rigid, high mass, low resonance audio racks that are fit to grace even the most discerning audio systems. The plyKraft Series have been an exhausting three-year labor of love. We are confident that you will see and hear the benefits.

The Platform

The new plyKraft platform is composed of domestic high density FSC & CARB certified Apple-Ply. The massive 2” Apple-Ply stock consists of 34 layers of hardwood laminates.

The construction of Apple-Ply lends itself beautifully to be the perfect building blocks for our new shelves. The exposed Apple-Ply edge is nearly void free and offers a refreshing design element that can be integrated into nearly any décor. As with previous designs, the shelves are milled in the center to create two hollow chambers accessible from the underside of the platform by removing the two brushed aluminum composite Di-Bond®/ALUPANEL® panels. The chambers are preloaded with our unique blend of damping materials to create a high mass, low resonance core.

The Uprights

Massive eight-quarter FAS solid hardwood stock is milled to perfection with precision CNC routers. Dado joinery and threaded metal inserts are used to couple the uprights to the platforms. The dense hardwood uprights create the perfect mechanical diode to drain unwanted vibrations from the shelves to the ground. The uprights are available in: Rift White Oak, Hard Maple, Natural Cherry, American Black Walnut, African Sapele, African Bubinga, African Wenge, and African Zebra. Other wood species are available upon request.

The Finish

Each component is carefully prepared to maintain its natural beauty with two coats of sealer followed by three coats of clear lacquer. We use Mohawk® professional grade oil based catalyzed lacquer to provide a durable and transparent finish to bring out truly the best in wood by defining grain and depth. We use no stains, dyes or toners in our finishing process. Hand-rubbed oil finishes require occasional oiling. Our catalyzed lacquer is nearly maintenance-free. A simple micro-fiber towel or feather duster is all that’s required.


  • Solid hardwood uprights composed from premium FAS certified heartwood. Eight-quarter stock selected for even grain, density, and stability.
  • 2” high-density domestic apple-ply shelves consisting of 34 layers of hardwood. FSC & CARB Certified.
  • Milled center core provides hollow chamber for damping materials.
  • Chambers preloaded with lead, clay, and silica. Materials sealed within dual 3 Mil poly bags
  • Constrained layer damping provided by butyl resin, aluminum, PVC/NBR/CR closed cell foam.
  • Di-Bond®/ALUPANEL® aluminum composite panels (brushed copper finish) used to conceal damping material.
  • Available in Rift White Oak, Hard Maple, Natural Cherry, American Black Walnut, African Sapele, African Bubinga, African Wenge, and African Zebra.
  • MOHAWK® Professional grade oil based catalyzed lacquer finish.
  • Minimalist design showcasing the beauty and natural harmonics of solid hardwood.
  • Open architecture allowing for maximum airflow and heat dissipation.
  • Includes adjustable 5 piece v.3 deluxe 304 stainless steel spikes & coasters.


Wood components can be mixed or matched i.e.: Maple shelves with Walnut Uprights. Please call for pricing. Unless noted otherwise, shelves will be shipped with matching uprights.

Final word

Our Audio Racks will enhance the aesthetics of your media room while stimulating your aural senses. Place your active components on a platform that will enable them to perform at their best.
Innovative engineering unite with sophisticated design in the plyKraft Series Audio Rack Collection to let you experience great music in its true form, the way that professional recording artists, producers, and engineers originally intended.

Designed and Manufactured in Northern California by Artisans and Hardcore Audio Enthusiasts.


plyKraft 4L

25-3/8"w x 22-3/8"d x 39-5/8"h
Upper Level:
20 ¼" w x 9"h
Mid Level:
20b ¼" w x 9"h
Lower Level:
20 ¼" w x 10"h
Wood Type:

-Rift White Oak $4000

-Black Walnut $4000

-Natural Maple $3700

-Natural Cherry $3700

-African Sapele $3800

-African Zebra $5500

-African Wenge $5500

-African Bubinga $5500

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***Lead time 4-6 weeks***


Due to the fluctuating cost of materials, price can vary from time to time. Customers will be charged at the rate at which the order was placed.

plyKraft 3L

25-3/8"w x 22-3/8"d x 29"h
Upper Level:
20 ¼"w x 9"h
Lower Level:
20 ¼"w x 11"h
Wood Type:

-Rift White Oak $3150

-Black Walnut $3150

-Natural Maple $2850

-Natural Cherry $2850

-African Sapele $2950

-African Zebra $4200

-African Wenge $4200

-African Bubinga $4200

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***Lead time 4-6 weeks***


Due to the fluctuating cost of materials, price can vary from time to time. Customers will be charged at the rate at which the order was placed.

plyKraft 2L

25-3/8"w x 22-3/8"d x 18"h
20 ¼"w x 11"h
Wood Type:

-Rift White Oak $2100

-Black Walnut $2100

-Natural Maple $1950

-Natural Cherry $1950

-African Sapele $2000

-African Zebra $2950

-African Wenge $2950

-African Bubinga $2950

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***Lead time 4-6 weeks***


Due to the fluctuating cost of materials, price can vary from time to time. Customers will be charged at the rate in which the order was placed.

Available Veneers

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Customer Testimonials

Some of these reviews reference our legacy ‘MOD’ products. The plyKraft series builds on and improves upon MOD series in every way.

“Arnold’s attention to detail and passion for his product line shine through in the quality and presentation of his audio products. We have found his audio shelves very helpful as we evaluate our prototype products at Shunyata Research. Hats off to Arnold for his impeccable workmanship!”

Mino Christante Project Manager at Shunyata Research Poulsbo, Washington USA

“I believe I’m the first customer to receive Core Audio Designs new plyKraft component racks. They arrived in bespoke packaging; double boxed with high burst test cardboard, and an interior which coddled the shelves and legs in precision cut foamboard. One could eject these boxes from an airplane at 30,000 feet and not damage the contents. I am partial to wood and natural materials in high performance audio applications. The downside of natural materials is that you typically give up some accuracy in fit and finish. That is not the case with Core Audio Design which has mastered the art of taking natural wood and shaping it like precision milled steel. The shelves are ultra heavy since they are engineered to hold dampening material (clay,sand,safe lead shot.) Putting the rack together is a snap and actually kind of satisfying. The best part of displaying these racks is how they beautify my listening room. The solid walnut legs match the dark graining in the tiger wood shelves. It creates an exotic aura which is at the same time quite tailored in appearance. Are you starting to get the impression that I like this companies products?? Well I’m not done yet. The best part is you get to deal with a first class gentleman by the name of Arnold Marr. Thank you Arnold for a wonderful product and a great experience!”

Stephen Clay CEO AudiogoN, Inc. USA

“Arnold – i just got through assembling my new stand and i had to sit down and right this before senior moments take over!I just can’t express how much i value and appreciate your product and your personal professionalism. The stand is incredibly beautiful and beautifully engineered . . . and the packaging is just over-the-top gorgeous and first class. Everything about you and your product is first-class, top tier, and reflects your meticulousness (sp?), care and attention to details. I wish you continued success in your business . . . you deserve it and more . . . I’m not sure i will have a need for more audio furniture, but if i do, you can count on my business . . . and i will certainly urge any friends and colleagues who may be in the market to do the same.
Continued 1 week later…
When i was still working, many years ago, there was a fad in business called Continuous Improvement . . . with a self-evident definition. The quality of the structural components and fit/finish of your new racks are obvious to the most casual observer. But what might escape some folks is the degree to which you have Continuously Improved the spiking system. Just amazing . . . all the little things . . . from the flat holders so spikes don’t slip off so easily, to the bigger, rounder spike socket that improves the same problem, to the locking and adjustment system with the holed sprockets for leveling . . . . this is all just amazing, and rare, engineering prowess that improves an already great design. I continue to be amazed at the quality of your work!”

R. Masoni Boeing Engineer Los Gatos, California USA

“Thank you again for sending the new plyKraft rack, isolation platform, and diffusors. I am totally blown away by the quality of your workmanship and materials. The pieces look outstanding and sound even better! I really appreciate all of your helpful guidance and attention along the way. I am delighted with the finished products.”

Jonathan K. Maryland USA

“I just wanted to follow-up and let you know that the shipment arrived as scheduled yesterday afternoon. As you will see from the photos- my system is quite simple. Rega Isis cd player and Osiris integrated amplifier, Kubala Sosna Elation balanced interconnects and speaker cables, Stage III Kraken power cords, a dedicated electrical circuit with an audiophile outlet, Synergistic research acoustic art system on the walls and floor and the Magico Q1s. Prior to your rack, the components were on a piece of furniture. So this is my first experience with a proper rack in my home. All I can say is wow, what an impact it has had! Of course the rack is absolutely stunning, and the african sapele works very well with the color palette in the room. But the aesthetics are only so important. The music is simply glorious. More tonally accurate, immediate and with incredible extension. Recording locations become palpable. Instruments and vocals seem that much more realistic. Dynamics are phenomenal. I get it now. I’m glad I made the investment. So I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for providing such a terrific product. I will cherish the rack for years.”

R.M.Brenner,M.D. Burlington, MA USA

“Hi all, I wanted to spread some good news and high praise for Arnold Marr and the crew at Core Audio Designs in Novato, California. I met Arnold last year when I was in search of an isolation platform. I came upon his website and liked what I saw. I contacted Arnold, and we talked for quite a while. It didn’t take me long to realize Arnold knew a lot about music, sound, and the designing and building of audio equipment. He was even gracious enough to invite me over to his home when my platform was completed. As soon as I met Arnold I knew he was a man of principal and good nature. He showed me just what was entailed to make the platform, the materials used, and the labor involved. To say the very least, I was very impressed! We also had a great time listening to records on his stellar system! It was a great day, and I’m proud to say Arnold and I have become good friends. The platform is absolutely beautiful, and it made quite a difference in the overall sound of my turntable.”Fast-forward to earlier this year. After being so happy with the platform, I called Arnold about a new rack. He was kind enough to share with me a new line of racks he was prototyping & testing. I liked the look of the racks (more like beautiful pieces of furniture) and after being so impressed with the performance of the isolation platform, how could I say no! So now I am the proud owner of a 4 level “plyKraft” audio rack from Core Audio Designs, and what a beautiful piece of audio equipment it is! The workmanship and materials are first rate! I received my rack with maple shelves and walnut legs. What I’m most impressed with is the overall construction of the rack. It is quite substantial weighing in at almost 200 pounds! I have to say nothing could have prepared me with the difference this rack has made in the performance of my system! The sound is so much tighter and clearer now. Backgrounds are pure black and quiet! It’s really quite remarkable! It’s absolutely gorgeous! It truly will become an heirloom, I will be proud to pass down to my children. So, I would be in remiss if I ended this little review with just accolades for the rack. Working with Arnold has been and continues to be a pleasure. I have rarely encountered such a special relationship developing over a business transaction. I’ll say again Arnold is truly a special person in the circle of audiophiles; his passion for workmanship, beauty and attention to detail is paramount. I feel truly privileged to have had the pleasure to meet him.”

Dominic Kulers. San Jose, CA. USA

“When my dad saw your audio rack for the first time as I installed it this morning he said, this is not a ‘rack’ son, this is a beautiful piece of art!

Earlier this week I did a small test with my dad as currently his amplifier is fed directly from his DAC. We tried using the ARC 5 SE pre-amp between his amplifier and DAC and obviously the result was amazing, more musical, analog and fluid. This was all done with his old rack made of metal and acrylic. Why is this relevant! Because today when we hooked up the system on the Core audio rack without the pre-amp, the improvement were even more dramatic than that of using a pre-amp! This is how good your products are Arnold!”

Jacques R. Quebec Canada

“Three things: Product, Company and Arnold. Let’s start with the products: Superb craftsmanship, coupled with real performance at a relatively reasonable price. Both the diffusors and rack are something I look forward to keeping for a while. Company: Informative website, great customer service and care for everything they do. Their packaging for instance, is out of this world! And then there is Arnold. A world of knowledge and experience and very very humble. Will never oversell his products or knowledge (a rear quality in this hobby!) and is more interested in helping you than selling you anything you don’t need. And he never fails to go that extra mile!”

Assad J. Denver, CO USA | AudiogoN member: Assad

“A+ seller. Immediately contacted me to let me know the item status, which shipped pronto. Arrived in perfect condition, as advertised. Actually even nicer than advertised! Will DEFINITELY buy from this vendor again, whom I recommend without hesitation.”

Gregory S. Columbus, OH USA AudiogoN member: Gregsearcy

“Arnold went the extra mile in every way in this great transaction. He assembled and even delivered three beautiful walnut racks and a TT platform. Core Designs does beautiful work and Arnold makes the purchase a pleasure. A+++.”

Albert B. San Francisco, CA. USA | AudiogoN member: al_bedecarre

“An absolutely beautiful work of audio art. Craftsmanship is old world, passive resonance control is cutting edge. Shelving is dead quiet and rock solid. Shipment fast, packing outstanding. A+++.”

Billy H. Jr. Ellisville, MS. USA | AudiogoN member: Circle_h_farms

“Core audio Design has a very knowledgeable staff, great attention to detail from the packaging to the final fit and finish, and provides a product fit for the best audio has to offer.”

Jason D. Cohen. MD. Triton Falls, NJ. USA. | AudiogoN member: Jdcohenmd

“Purchased the Mod4 Stand and it far exceeds my expectations in terms of quality. Very heavy and well built. Great service and care. Highly recommended.”

Chuck M. San Jose, CA USA | AudiogoN member: chuck99

“After searching for a complement to my existing Zoethecus, I found Core and contacted them. From the initial response through to the delivery and set-up Arnold Marr of Core was fantastic. The product is truly amazing!”

Murali D. San Jose, CA USA | AudiogoN member: idealsoundmd

“I’m a French audiophile and I have bought the MOD4. It was a great pleasure to make transaction with Arnold. Top shipment. Core audio designs products are very beautiful and I hope, in the future, buy other ones products of them.”

Philippe L. Paris, France | AudiogoN member: philppelame